Arcam FMJ-CDS27 SACD/CD Player With Network Streaming

The CDS27 offers outstanding performance from all forms of compatible audio media. Music from SACDs and CDs and network is delivered with outstanding quality to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcam’s unique and hard won engineering expertise the CDS27 delivers a truly exceptional performance, regardless of the media used.



Product Description

Few specialist manufactures have ever stepped up to the plate and succeeded where development of digital
disc playback is concerned. The technological know-how required for the successful design of high performance
digital audio sources is vast. With more than twenty-five years of digital audio experience, not to mention global
recognition of its efforts, Arcam is proud to announce the arrival of its newest disc player, the CDS27.

To ensure the CDS27’s music performance meets “reference” standards the class leading TI/Burr Brown
PCM1794 digital to analogue converter (DAC) is used. This device, coupled with a linear phase Bessel output
filter and high precision re-clocking system results in a level of audio quality required in a dedicated audiophile
CD player. Even the CDS27’s power supply has been specially designed for outright performance. Discreet
sub-regulated power supplies on the drive, audio and DAC boards deliver significant benefits to the overall
performance of each element and thus allow each section to work truly independently and without interference.
UPnP compatibility allows for effortless integration into networks allowing the CDS27 to access stored content
with ease.

As with all its FMJ devices, Arcam has gone to incredible lengths to maximise the performance of this next
generation player. As an example the CDS27 benefits from a critically damped cover and chassis to virtually
eliminate damaging microphonic vibration from reaching the sensitive electronics inside.
The CDS27 is designed with a single purpose; to deliver the very best music experience for discerning owners.
It also features a full suite of discrete IR, IP and RS232 codes making it perfect for integration within a high
performance home cinema installation.

The CDS27 is designed in the UK and is available in a discrete black finish.


Analogue Audio Output
Digital to Analogue
conversion: 24-bit 192kHz Delta-Sigma DAC
Signal to noise ratio: 110dB CCIR
Harmonic distortion (1kHz): 0.002%
Frequency response (±0.5dB): 10Hz–20kHz
Output level (0dB): 2.2Vrms
Output impedance: 47Ω
Minimum recommended load: 5kΩ
Digital interfaces
USB: USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s)
Network: 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX / Wi-Fi
Dimensions: W433 x D278 x H87mm
Weight: 6.2kg nett/8.5kg packed
Power consumption: 20W maximum
Digital output connection: 75Ω co-axial optical TOSLINK
Supplied accessories
Mains lead
CR902 remote control
2 x AAA batteries
Wi-Fi antenna


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