Luxman P700u Headphone Amplifier

The P-700u headphone amplifier is a remarkable flagship pure Class A Headphone Amplifier, with new design of ODNF 3.0A delivers the fully balance state-of the art musical performance for the perfect matching of Low impedance up to high impedance headphone lover.


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Product Description

Luxman’ s emphasis is on reproducing natural music, with lots of warmth and detail… Luxman’s engineers’ are fanatical in their attention to the musical detail; while they spend a lot of time analyzing how components perform on their test equipment, the final arbiter is the listening evaluations. In the product able to convey the music with a lot of heart and soul, reproduce the ambience of the venue as well as the timbre of each instrument, distinctly. This is where Luxman shines.


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