NAD C516 BEE CD Player

The C 516BEE CD Player represents an unbeatable combination of audiophile performance and cost conscious engineering, making it the ideal companion to our popular C 316BEE Integrated Amplifi er. Improving on our fi ve-star rated C 515BEE design was no small task, but the C 516BEE exceeded our expectations thanks to its latest generation 24/192 Cirrus Logic Delta/Sigma DAC for more accurate dynamics.


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Product Description

> Hear the Heart and Soul
While this CD player may be light on the wallet, it certainly isn’t light on sound! The C 516BEE gets the full measure of
NAD engineering experience with enhanced audio circuitry to maximize performance, resulting in better stereo imaging,
tighter bass, and clean, accurate, distortion-free sound. The painstakingly engineered circuit layout extracts the best possible
performance from audiophile-grade component parts for minimal noise and maximum detail retrieval. This focused effort results
in a vivid, musically rewarding experience.

> More Music
From major label CDs to personalized CD-Rs topped up with your favourite MP3 and WMA fi les, this NAD CD player will
make your music sound better than you thought possible. The C 516BEE uses the latest and best-sounding decompression
algorithms for MP3 playback, while our superb D/A conversion and analogue amplifi cation stages ensure the greatest sound
quality for compressed music files.

> User-friendly Control
The C 516BEE is designed with a number of thoughtful features developed for the music lover. Disc loading is smooth, quiet,
and fast, so you can sit back and enjoy your music even sooner. You can also program selected tracks on a CD
for personalized listening, and the bright and clear VFD display shows complete track and time information, as well as
user-programmed functions. Programming tracks for customized playback is easy with the full function remote that includes handy
tools such as Repeat, Repeat A-B (for a section of a track), Random, and Dim Display. Everything is at the tips of your
fi ngers without ever having to leave your listening chair.

Output Level: 2.2 ±0.1 V (ANALOGUE)
Frequency Response: ±0.5 dB (ref. 0 dB 20Hz-20kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 0.01% (ref. 20Hz-20kHz, LPF 20kHz)
Signal/Noise Ratio: ≥ 118 dB (ref. 1kHz, A-weighted LPF 20kHz Stop, Pause)
Channel Balance: 0.5 dB (ref. 0dB 1kHz)
Channel Separation: ≥ 90 dB
Standby Power: ≤ 0.5 W
Idle Power: ≤ 8.0 W
Unit Dimensions (W x H X D): 435 x 70 x 249 mm (Gross)*
17 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 9 13/16 inches
Net Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Shipping Weight: 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs)


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