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DacMagic Plus Review



They say if its not broke don’t fix it, they are wrong. Cambridge Audio created the DacMagic Plus with new features that include: wireless device connectivity, my personal favourite,  significantly enhanced audio performance.  The new DacMagic Plus is a dedicated Digital to Analogue Convertor, a Preamp and a headphone Amp all rolled into one.  It offers superior performance using a new ATF2 upsampling algorithm. The USB input has been completely re-worked to support 24-bit transfer over USB for “better than CD quality playback” all the way to 192kHz. An optional BT100 Audio Receiver  allows digital music stored or streamed from iPhones, Android smart phones or any device which supports Bluetooth, to be wirelessly played through the DacMagic Plus.  With a growing interest in headphones, DacMagic Plus features a fully integrated dedicated headphone amplifier and volume control for the best possible personal listening experience.  And finally, a new digital pre-amp function means DacMagic Plus can be connected directly to and control power amplifiers or active speakers.  In my opinion there is no doubt your digital music needs a DacMagic Plus!

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DacMagic Plus Forum New Entry  

Query / quote
by Iain Sexton on 
Please quote one unit, in black, with the BT100 Bluetooth reciever dongle, shipped to Sydney. Also please estimate shipping time. Do you accept Paypal?

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