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somthing everyone should know
by mike on 

I was having a look around you web site and went to the "about us" section and it states that nick and tony started the business and then ugo but i am one of many that really know the truth of how you all got started and who really is the reason you are all where you are today . I am shocked that that person does not even get a mention.  i am a very old customer and did come in to purchase some thing not long ago as i had not been there since you guys where down the street .I was looking for one fo the owners mario and i was told he sold up years ago . Everything in your store looks expensive i love a deal i just got the feeling that i was going to pay top dollar in your new store sorry to say. all my friends have been telling me to have a look online as there are lots of deals on ebay. Can you beleive i  found  mario you know the person that was one of the partners when i purchased all my hifi from him  years ago,  he is selling on ebay of all things, and i am happy to say i was looked after. I did ask him what happen why leave ?  all he told me was he had no choice he was wiped from  everything and everyone took him a while to get back into the swing of things but it has worked out for him which is great. i purchased a tv from him yesterday also need some speakers and he told me to look at b&w and also told me you guys sell them so came to your web site to have a look at what you had. After i finished look at the speakers  i click on about use and noticed that he is right he was wiped from everything "sad" but never mind many have not forgotten him, me being one of them.  just thought i would leave leave some feedback 

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"Finally, someone that can actually help me buy some hi-fi equipment that makes sense!
by Karl on 

Thanks for your help in getting me an amplifier and CD player adn the correct cables that match my speakers and introducing me slowly to the 'higher end' of hi-fi.

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by John on 

Thanks for the Sennheiser headphones that arrived this morning, as promised; I appreciated your helpful, prompt and polite service (even for a set of headphones; though a pretty classy set!!!) and the very good price.

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