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B&W 808
by Hayden on 

Hi the contact feature doesnt work so hope its ok if i post his here.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a price for some B&W 808s i'm looking at selling

thank you

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Luxman with B&W
by Calvin on 

I have a Luxman L550AII amplifier which I love and I am thinking about some B&W 804 speakers. Do you feel they would be a good match?
My room is about 5.5 x 4 and I have premium cables and source components as well

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Thanks so much for a great day of listening
by Dave on 

Hey all. Myself and a mate spent 2 days listeneing to a combination of B&W 803d's and the Moon 700i amp.

Played through the Marantz and Bryston DAC each song became an event. As we went from one hifi moment to another we were blown away.

So much so my mate  bought the combination with kimber cable connecting the system.

Superb. But it was all made worthwile by the friendly staff especially Nick and his coffee making skills which  are next to none.

Congratulations we will be back.

Dave from Newcastle

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Pioneer Plasma TV Screen - remote control
by Daniel on 

Hi.  We bought our Pioneer Plasma TV Screen and Bose Lifestyle System from you in early 2008.  The Pioneer remote control for the TV has stopped working.  We have replaced the batteries, but it still does not work.  How can we get the remote fixed?  Thanks. 

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first feedback
by Alex on 

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