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Bose Acoustimass 10 review

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Top 5.1-channel home theater speaker system for big places.  Planned for use with your 5.1-channel surround sound receiver.  The Bose® Acoustimass 10 Series IV home entertainment speaker systembrings 5.1-channel sound to your movies and music. Connect it to your home theater receiver and enjoy Bose high-quality sound. A horizontal center-channel speaker complements flat-panel TVs and blends nicely into your décor.

Four Direct/Reflecting® cube speakers and a horizontal center speaker. Powered Acoustimass module with two high-performing drivers.  The Acoustimass 10 home entertainment speaker system fills your area with beautiful sound, not bulky speakers. So you can experience distinguished performance from home theater speakers you hardly notice.

With the module hidden away, all you see are the small, décor-friendly speakers. Add the SL2 wireless surround link (sold separately), and you'll also remove the need to run wires from the front of your room to the rear speakers.

Four innovative Direct/Reflecting® cube speaker arrays and a horizontal center-channel speaker produce lifelike effects in 5.1-channel surround sound. Music and dialogue ring loud, clear and true. And a proprietary Acoustimass module delivers profound low frequencies throughout the listening area. Two downward-firing drivers in the Acoustimass module allow realistic sound for low audible notes and effects.

The four small dual-cube satellites feature Bose's patented swiveling design. You can modify each speaker's cubes to get the perfect mix of direct and reflecting sound. The low-profile center channel speaker fits easily on top of your TV, or you can wall-mount it below a flat-panel TV. This system's sleek, powered Acoustimass® module boasts two 5-1/4" woofers and easily tucks away behind a table or couch. Color-coded cables make setup exceptionally quick and easy. And Bose's solid build quality and electronic protection circuitry guarantee that this system will fill your area with great sound for years to come.

The sophisticated, décor-friendly Bose® Acoustimass® 10 Series IV home entertainment speaker system delivers high-quality home theater sound without visually taking over your area. Five tiny speakers and a slender Acoustimass® module work together, delivering spacious, natural-sounding music and high-impact home theater sound effects. Bose's innovative approach is the key.


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home theatre
by rey garcia on 
hi, i have a 3x4 m2 size room and want to turn it to home intertainment room. Thinking of using boos for a projector . Can you suggest speaker type or size or boss series? thanks
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by donald on 
Hi,I bought acoustimass 10 2 weeks ago,not very impressed with the sound.Using receiver Onkyo 509.Thinking if I can connect satellites directly to receiver,would that change sound?And if I cannot connect,than why?thanks
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