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b&w cm1 review

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The superiority of CM Series drive units has made it possible to use minimalist crossovers throughout the whole range. With subsequent gentle transition between drivers avoids the unnaturally rapid changes in dispersion that bedevil more intricate designs, while the high quality components, wisely chosen after in-depth listening tests, ensure that as little as possible gets between you and the sound of the original recording.

The partnership of a 130mm Kevlar® cone bass/midrange driver with a Nautilus™ tube-loaded aluminium dome tweeter helps the CM1 handle musical element with ease across the full frequency spectrum. Despite the dimension of the speaker, the CM1’s bass is always deep and under control thanks to the CM Series’ magnet and voice coil system technology, which keeps distortion to a least possible.

All CM Series speakers come with aluminium driver trims. Grilles attach magnetically, so there are no unsightly grille-mounting features to spoil the clean lines of the speaker’s facade. For the finish, you can select either one of two real-wood veneers in Rosenut or Wengé, a stylish white or highly polished Gloss Black.


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