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B&W 802 Diamond Speakers

Studio quality

While the slimmer dimensions of the 802 Diamond make it an easier fit for living spaces, the basic design retains nearly all of the features of the top-of-the-range 800 Diamond, including the teardrop form of the midrange head. Moulded from Marlan®, a synthetic, mineral filled resin, this granite-hard enclosure is sprayed with seven coats of lacquer and polished by hand until it's as smooth as glass.

The sound of silence

As with all of the speakers in the range, the 802 Diamond features our legendary Nautilus™ tapering tube drive unit technology. First pioneered on our trailblazing Nautilus speaker, the tubes work like horns in reverse, minimising colouration by soaking up excess sound energy from the back of the driver. So that all that emerges from the front is the most fully formed, focused and pristine sound.



B&W 802 Documentation

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by Dave

What size room would suit the B&W 802's

by Oscar


Do you sell Shunyata Research Zi-Tron Cobra power cables? If so, what is the RRP and what sizes/terminations do you ...

by van tran
macintosh ma7000 and bw 803d

could you please, give me the prices:
- macintosh MA 7000 and BW 803D
- macintosh 601 and BW 802D.
can I ...

by paul
regarding b&e 802

Hi here is Korea. I would like to know below list.
1. B&w 802
2. mckintosh ma7000


by jochen voss
B&W 802 diamond

at what price are you selling a pair of 802 diamond-new or used?
thank you j v

by Tom
802 performance

Question: I love the design. I wonder if the the performance is as good as the look? What is youropinion?
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If you’re looking for a speaker with the power, clarity and presence of the mighty 800 Diamond, but your listening area can’t quite accommodate its studio-sized proportions, the 802 Diamond is the answer. Retaining the groundbreaking spherical head design of its bigger brother, it’s the closest you’ll get to true studio sound at home.