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B&W 803 Diamond Speakers

The home-sized studio speaker

The design and proportions of the top two speakers in the range are derived at for sound acoustic reasons – but understandably, not everyone wants the visual disruption that such a radical piece of furniture can create in a home environment. The 803 Diamond takes up less space and is arguably easier on the eye – but thanks to its three bass drivers, it generates a sound that’s almost a match for its bigger brothers.

Force of attraction

For the 800 Series Diamond range, we’ve refined the science of magnet motor design to a fine art. Each of the 803 Diamond’s three bass drivers are powered by a dual magnet motor system, creating a more symmetrical magnetic field and reducing harmonic distortion. Meanwhile a unique quad magnet design keeps the tweeter running cool and smooth, even at the highest frequencies.



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by Greg Mason
803D price

Please quote me for a pair of B&W 803D for me to pick up in black.

by Vinh Lam
Price of B&W 803d

What is the best price you guys can do for the B&W 803d?

by Jyothish john
B&W 803 DIAMOND Price

I looking forward to upgrade mi stereo speakers,and intrested in b&w 803 diamond speakers.Just wondering how ...

by Barry Judd
B&W 803

I have just commenced my search to update floorstanding speakers to be paired with a Cambridge 840 pre and 840 x 2 combination. ...
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The 803 Diamond might look almost as imposing as the 802 Diamond, but thanks to its smaller footprint and more traditional cabinet design, it will fit more comfortably into a home environment. With three massive 7” Rohacell® bass drivers, it delivers almost as much bass as the 802 Diamond, filling even the largest of domestic rooms with rich, stunningly lifelike sound.