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B&W HTM2 Diamond Speakers

Cinema-sized sound

The HTM2 Diamond is more than capable of holding its own in the largest home theatre set-ups, and the biggest viewing areas. While the  tweeter and midrange keeps voices and music crystal clear, balanced and well-defined,  heavyweight back-up is provided by two 7" Rohacell® bass drivers.

Movie clarity

The centre channel performs a vital role in a home theatre set-up, balancing the sound and reproducing speech and dialogue. What’s required above all is definition and clarity at high frequencies and the midrange - tasks that the HTM2 Diamond will handle with ease, thanks to its diamond dome tweeter and Kevlar® FST™ midrange.



B&W HTM2 Documentation

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by Ronny
Htm2d price

Hi there,
How much would you be able to offer me for the b&w htm2d. Thanks.

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If you’re looking for a centre-channel dialogue speaker to use as part of an 800 Series Diamond home theatre set-up, the HTM2 Diamond provides all the clarity and richness you need for larger viewing spaces. That’s down to a three-way design featuring two dedicated bass drivers – and, of course, a diamond dome tweeter.