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In ceiling speakers review - CRS6 Zero & CRS8

Friday, June 8, 2012 10:35:48 AM

This week we’re looking at two models of in-ceiling speaker that we have on special here at Audio Solutions. The first is the SpeakerCraft CRS6 Zero which normally retails for $399 a pair and we are now doing for the exceptional price of $249 a pair. This model is a six inch speaker that packs a punch and would suit a wide range of applications. Whether you’re after an in-ceiling speaker in your second zone, such as your kitchen or dining room, or you’re after some discreet looking rear speakers in your 5.1 setup, these speakers are up to the job. They should also satisfy your interior decorators’ need for the speakers to be heard and not seen. inceiling speakers - speakercraft crs6 zero

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The second speaker is the SpeakerCraft CRS8 Zero, which normally retail for $599 a pair and we are now doing at a crazy $349 a pair. This is exactly the same speaker only an 8 inch version. Generally, in speaker terms, when you go bigger size you get bigger sound. Simply put, an 8 inch driver is going to move more air than a 6 inch driver and this will result in more bass and an ability to fill a larger area with sound.

For the tech spec nuts out there, both these speakers include SpeakerCrafts’ patented WavePlane tweeter baffle, which improves both dispersion and high frequency performance and is a also a pivoting tweeter which will allow you to direct the sound in the direction you require.  Available now at Audio Solutions while stocks last.

inceiling speakers - speakercraft crs8 zero

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