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Bose Lifestyle 135 Review

Saturday, May 5, 2012 7:15:46 AM

Every so often a product comes along that leaves you pleasantly surprised. One of those products is the Bose Lifestyle 135 sound bar.

As a Hi-Fi enthusiast itís hard to get excited about a sound bar but this little baby does just that.

For those of you have just purchase a brand new large screen TV you would know that the sound you get out is pretty average. So adding a sound bar can make the experience a little more enjoyable.

With a price of $3699 it seems a little pricey but this is no ordinary sound bar.

Why the Bose?

Firstly it looks fantastic. The sound is unrivalled and the wireless sub makes any application easy. Being connected to a Bose media centre is really what makes all the difference. The marriage between the Bose brain the sub the sound bar and the ADAPT IQ which is the self tuning of the Bose is what makes this system so fantastic. The smart way in which the remote can control all your other A/V equipment also makes this a very attractive purchase.

Conclusion, if you are after something to improve the sound of your TV come in and have a listen Iím sure you will be as pleasantly surprised a we are.



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by F. Tsonghapa
Ancien pair bose 501 + Bose SR1

Je suis en possession des Speakers Bose 501 I , heritage de mon grand pere. Ma question est ici, EST CE QUE Bose SOUNDBAR SR1 PEUT IL FONCTIONNER D'AVEC MA PAIRE DE SPEAKERS BOSE 501? Je sais que il ne vont jouer quasiment aucun role; mais compte ...

by BG
Bose Lifestyle 135

Do you have this Lifestyle 135 for demo in your shop? I also understand that you can connect say a bluray player to the Bose via HDMI. Question is, does the Bose allow pass through to the tv without it being turned on?
And finally, what is the best ...

by Wutti
Bose Lifestyle 135 quote

Hi there, just sent you emsil but realized I used wrong email. I am interested in Bose Lifestyle 135. Could you pls give me a quote. I live in Melbourne.

by Brad Smith
Bose Lifestyle 135

Interested in the Bose 135 Lifestyle system.

What is your best price on a Bose 135 Lifestle system.
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