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Luxman L-550All Integrated Amplifier Review

Saturday, April 14, 2012 9:09:10 AM

This week weíre looking at one of the new integrated amplifiers from Luxman. As a collector of vintage hi-fi, Iím well acquainted with the sweet Luxman amps of the 60ís & 70ís and my Luxman gear is always on my top shelf at home. A quick history lesson for the nerds- this gear was made in Japan up until 1984 when a fella by the name of Atsushi Miura married into the Luxman family, started seeing $ signs and decided to get into mass production and sold out to Alpine Electronics. Obviously the quality dropped, as did the name from the audio enthusiastís vocabulary.


Fast forward to 2012 and we now have Luxman back in all its glory and once again being designed and manufactured in Japan. The L-550All Integrated Amplifier has been running any pair of speakers we throw at it for the last few weeks and Iíd like to share some of my thoughts.


Firstly, for a retail price of $5499, nothing comes close to the value for money than this amplifier. Youíre getting 20 watts of Class A amplification into 8Ω, a load of inputs (including two pairs of balanced inputs), a cracking phono input and speakers A and B. It looks like hi-fi equipment should look, the bouncing UV meters will have you mesmerised for hours on end and are sure to impress your friends. As far as the sound goes, thereís nothing more natural and sweet sounding as class A and once youíve tried it, itís hard to go back. Some of you may be concerned with the seemingly low output of 20 watts, but donít be fooled, this amp runs a pair of B&W 803 Diamonds with ease! Itís a great thing to watch customersí faces as this powerhouse has a pair big floorstanders absolutely singing with the volume dial at 9 Oíclock!

If youíre looking for an integrated amplifier that will stand up to its much higher priced peers, then look no further than the Luxman L-550All! Come into Audio Solutions and hear it for yourself today.


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