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REL T7 & T9 Review


Thanks to the unique power saving feature called 'powerstarvation' which means that whenever there's no signal present, the amplifier goes instantly to maximum power saving efficiency (consuming just 4 watts of power) ,  yet the amplifier remains at maximum readiness to  immediately respond to a sudden transient signal, even after a long quiet period and on any level. This brilliant feature means you no longer have to worry about switching off a T7 or T9 subwoofer when you’re not using it.

The T7'sand T9's actually makes use of two drivers; an active downward-firing Ultra Long Throw Bass Engine and a passive forward-firing ULT.This is in direct contravention to traditional approaches to incorporating a passive driver into a low-frequency. By firing the active woofer downwards, the  T7's and T9's achieve a greater depth and precision while the forward firing passive design offers outstanding punch. This unusual arrangement gives the T7's and T9's a superior sound quality and surprisingly high dynamic output.


  Enclosure Type: Closed Box w/ passive radiator

Amplifier Power: 200W Class A/B
Drive Unit: 8" ULT woofer
   10" Passive (front firing)
Variable Crossover: 30 - 120Hz
Power Supply: 117VAC @ 60Hz
Dimensions (WHD): 12" x 12.72" x 12.8"
Weight: 34 lbs.

    Enclosure Type: Sealed Box w/ Passive radiator

Amplifier Power: 300W Class A/B
Drive Unit:
  10" ULT woofer
  10" Passive (front firing)
Variable Crossover: 30 - 120Hz
Power Supply: 117VAC @ 60Hz
Dimensions (WHD): 13" x 14.7" x 13.78"
Weight: 39 lbs.





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REL T7 & T9 New Entry  

REL T9s cost
by Paul Polackin on 
What would a pair of T9s in black cost me shipped to Noblesville In.
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