Clearaudio Charisma V2 Moving Magnet Cartridge



The pinnacle of moving magnet cartridges.



The Clearaudio V2 moving magnet cartridges are meticulously measured, analysed, and hand-selected into four performance levels. In this way Clearaudio achieves the best stereo channel matching, minimum phase error and distortion, flattest frequency response and highest dynamic range at each price point.

The cartridges produce an audiophile sound of superlative quality – spatially detailed and vividly textured, with bass that does not wallow and treble that is not harsh. The models of the Clearaudio MM V2 series provide outstanding sound quality on all current tonearms.


Frequency Response
20Hz – 20 kHz

Output Voltage 5cm/sec
3.6 mV

Channel Separation
> 32 dB

Channel Balance
< .2 dB Tracking Ability
90 µm

Recommended Tracking Force
2.4 g ± .3 g

Coil Impedance
.66 kΩ

Coil Inductance
.42 H

Load Resistance
47 kΩ

Load Capacitance
100 pF


Stylus Shape
Gyger S

9 g ± 1 g


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