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Ex Display. In immaculate condition. Comes with all original packaging, accessories and full warranty.

The CDi is an integrated CD player from our Classic series, using the award winning Servo Evolution CD engine. Everything from the power stage through to the analogue output has been designed with sound quality in mind, and the results will exceed all your expectations.


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Cyrus CD players perform better because they generate far less background noise than other cd players. We call this our Servo-Evolution technology, and the principle itself is quite simple. Usually the laser mechanism (servo) which reads the data from a disc makes tiny movements side to side quite quickly to re-read miss-read data – this creates ‘servo noise’ and that impacts the ‘noise-floor’ limiting the quality of the sound output.

Servo Evolution:
The new SE platform is quite different because it is specifically engineered to retrieve data from an audio CD
with the fewest errors. To provide the ideal data output for hi-fi, Cyrus controls the whole electro mechanical servo
system to provide much better quality audio than has previously been possible with conventional drives.
Signature DAC Technology:
Following on from Cyrus’ trickle down approach, the CD i features the same 32 bit DAC featured in the DAC XP
Signature. The move to 32 bit for Cyrus allows even greater detail retrieval and sonic resolution.
Twin analogue outputs and digital output allow the CD i to fit into a variety of setups.
Precision Slot Loading Drive:
CD i features the latest generation of our slot load CD technology. This quiet and low contact mechanism
provides a myriad of benefits to the traditional tray method of loading a CD, whilst also de-cluttering the front panel for
an improved aesthetic.

Integrated CD player
32 bit DAC
Servo Evolution technology
Twin analogue outputs
Optical and coaxial outputs
iR14 Remote control included
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 3.6 kg


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