NAD MDC BluOS 2 Streaming Module



An undeniably integral component of some of our most innovative products, our updated MDC BluOS module unleashes all the music you could ever imagine.


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Easily integrate Hi-Res Audio, network streaming, and music control. Featuring BluOS, the music
management software developed by NAD’s sister brand, Bluesound, the BluOS-2 module is a
complete digital music solution at an amazingly affordable price. Thanks to the forward-looking
innovation of Modular Design Construction, you can now add BluOS network and internet music
streaming with advanced music management to your NAD C 390DD, NAD Masters M12 and
M32 or the NAD Classic models C 368 and C 388.
The BluOS-2 module has a new more powerful ARM Processor for a quicker, more responsive
user experience. As an internal module there are no external wires or power supplies required
and integration with the firmware is hand-in-glove. Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi operate in
asynchronous mode for lowest jitter performance and allow connection to music stored anywhere
on the local network or streamed directly from the Internet using popular music services like
Spotify Connect, Tidal, and TuneIn. You can also play music from a USB drive or hard drive via
the USB A port. Bluetooth® with aptX is also natively integrated so you can wirelessly connect
to any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device within range and stream your favourite
music apps or libraries in high-fidelity.
BluOS is accessed using the local area network and free apps for mobile devices and desktops
to control and manage your music BluOS also integrates with many third party home automation
systems. While the expected functions of Play/Pause/Skip are present, BluOS also brings all of
your music together integrating locally stored music (like iTunes) and music streaming services.
BluOS does not rely on middleware like UPnP/DLNA/AirPlay with their inherent limitations, but
instead creates direct shares with music in all formats including FLAC, ALAC and WAV with data
rates up to 24/192. Playlists can be created and managed right inside the BluOS App. Gapless
playback is supported and the BluOS-2 module is fully compatible with Bluesound High-Res
Wireless Multi-room Players to form integrated whole-house systems.
Includes an external USB WiFi module to optimize signal strength.


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