Kuzma Stabi M Turntable
Thales Statement Tonearm
Kuzma 4 Point 9 Inch Tonearm
Peroni Bar Sydney International Airport
Another great example of a Audio Solutions commercial installation.
Peroni Bar
Lotus-The Galeries
Lotus - The Galeries
Lotus - Galeries
Audio Nirvana
This amazing audio system is the culmination of many hours of collaboration between Audio Solutions and a very valued client.
Superb Home Theatre
A dedicated home cinema room by Audio Solutions.
Box Hill Martin ireland 3
Tokyo International Audio Show 2016
Tokyo International Audio Show 2016
Market City
One of our biggest commercial projects.
Market city
One down, 349 to go.
Market city
Market city
Bose Room Utility speaker installed in the Atrium for special events.
Fat Yak Bar Sydney Airport
Fat Yak Bar
Fat Yak Bar
Bose Professional power amplification
Nick Turner-13
Nick Turner-12
nick turner 8