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B&W - Zeppelin Mini - now in Mascot, Sydney

It wasn't long ago that Zeppelin revolutionised the way we listen to our iPods, sweeping away the competition and scooping just about every award going for its incredible sound and sleek looks. And now itís back. Only this time, itís smaller.
Made for iPod - test it by Audio Solutions.  
Zeppelin Mini is the perfect partner for your iPod or your iPhone. Its ground-breaking digital connection means it gets closer to your music collection than ever before. However, it also means itís not compatible with as many iPods as the analogue-based Zeppelin.

Play music from your Mac or PCPlay music from your Mac or PC

Zeppelin Mini isnít just a superb iPod speaker Ė itís also a superb computer speaker. Plug your Mac or PC into Zeppelin Mini using the USB port at the back of the device, and youíll be able to get the same stunning sound quality from your desktop or laptop as you would from your mp3 player. Even better, once itís connected, you can control iTunes directly with Zeppelin Miniís remote.

Synch your iPhone and iPod

Sync your iPhone and iPod

Thereís no need to undock your iPod or iPhone if you want to sync it with iTunes or add more playlists - you can do it all through Zeppelin Mini. Simply connect the speaker to your computer by USB and switch it to standby, and your iPod will be linked directly to iTunes. Syncing contacts, apps, bookmarks, calendars and playlists couldnít be easier.           

Connect to almost anythingConnect to almost anything

Lots of devices will happily connect with your Zeppelin Mini. Using the the AUX socket at the back of the speaker, you can connect your CD player, DVD player, other mp3 players Ė in fact, almost any electronic device that plays music or sound. And it doesnít end there. Using a device like Appleís Airport Express, you could make Zeppelin Mini part of a wireless network, streaming music wirelessly from your computerís hard drive.

iPod and iPhone compatibility

iPod and iPhone compatibility

Zeppelin Mini works with all the latest generation of iPods, playing and charging touch, classic and nano models. Itís also compatible with all iPhone models, including first generation, 3G and 3GS.


Passion for sound
At Bowers & Wilkins, the quest to develop the perfect speaker has lasted over 40 years. Just what do we mean by perfect? We mean a speaker that portrays a musical performance exactly as it was recorded, with zero colouration. Like you, we donít just want to hear music; we want to experience it, feel it and be a part of it, and thatís the case whether we are listening to a high-end hi-fi or an Apple iPod.
Digital signal processing
Digital signal processing

Zeppelin Miniís drive units are like sections of an orchestra, reproducing everything from the delicate frequencies of a violin to the bass impact of a kick drum. But even the greatest orchestra needs a conductor to ensure the parts are working together as they should. Digital Signal Processing optimises the response of each unit, adjusting the sound balance depending on the signal. Which means all the subtle dynamics of your music are beautifully preserved, no matter how loud you play it.

 From the studio to your living room

From the studio to your living room

All over the world, demanding recording studios depend on our speakers for their near-flawless sound reproduction. But we donít reserve our best technology just for studios. Zeppelin Mini was developed with exactly the same acoustic engineering principles we use to make the speakers in the control room of Abbey Road Studios.

Flow port

Bass is all about air movement. In order to produce really powerful, atmospheric bass effects, you need plenty of space within the speaker for the air generated by the bass units to move around freely. Itís a problem for smaller speakers Ė but not for Zeppelin Mini, whose Flowport gives the speakerís mighty bass driver the air it needs to breathe, while also minimising any distortion caused by turbulence. So while the speaker might be mini, the bass it delivers is anything but.

USB digital connection

USB digital connection

Every track on your iPod is made up of digital information. For your music to sound as good as it can be, you need to preserve as much of that information as possible. With most iPod speakers the music is taken in analogue format from the ipod. This results in unnecessary conversion between analogue and digital signals, and when that happens, you risk losing some of this precious data. Zeppelin Mini is different. Itís one of the few of its kind with a USB digital connection, keeping the purity of the digital signal ¨Ė and your music Ė intact. 

Form meets function
Zeppelin Mini is an attention-grabber even before youíve switched it on. Just like its bigger brother the Zeppelin, itís a sleek, robust piece of design Ė the perfect partner to your iPod or iPhone, and a stylish addition to any home or work space.
But Zeppelin Miniís beauty is much more than skin deep. Every single feature, from the continuous curve of the cabinet to the elegant way the iPod docks with the speaker, is designed with your listening enjoyment in mind. So itís not just a pleasure to look at: itís a joy to use too.

90 degree rotating arm

Like Zeppelin, the design of Zeppelin Miniís docking arm makes the most of the functionality of your iPod, positioning it just above the surface of the speaker at an angle thatís perfect for tapping a touch screen or tracking a scroll wheel. And this time weíve been able to add something extra. The arm allows you to rotate the iPod to the horizontal position Ė ideal if you like to skip through your playlists using cover-flow, or for playing music videos.

Native Design

Itís not surprising that Zeppelin Mini looks as good as the original Ė both speakers were designed by the same team. Based in London and led by acclaimed product designer Morten Warren, Native has been working with us for more than ten years, designing award winners like the 800 Series and the PV1 subwoofer. For the Zeppelin Mini, Morten and his team once again worked closely with our engineers at the Steyning Research Establishment to create a design worthy of the acoustic technology within.

Copied from bowers-wilkins home page.

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