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Bowers & Wilkins offers an impressive range of speakers in nearly every size and price category, but they're best known for models that demonstrate the company's continuing pursuit of the state of the art. Just last year, the diamond-tweeter-equipped Nautilus 800 Series speakers made a big splash in audiophile magazines all over the world. You'll find traces of the 800 Series' inspired engineering throughout B&W's new, considerably more affordable XT Series designs. The XT4 tower's gleaming extruded-aluminum cabinetry is fresh, but the curves, yellow Kevlar midrange driver, and bulging topside tweeter pod leave no doubt—it's a B&W.

The XT speakers are all gorgeous, but it all really comes together in the XT4 tower. It's one of the most stunning things to come out of England since Jaguar's original XK-E. The speakers all feature a newly designed 5-inch woven Kevlar bass/midrange driver and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. B&W's tweeter-mounted-on-top designs not only look cool, but the gambit changes the nature of cabinet reflections and diffraction effects and influences the speakers' imaging. The XT4 tower speaker adds two 5-inch paper/Kevlar woofers that were specifically designed to produce room-shaking bass in a slender cabinet. Each XT is fitted with a single set of high-quality binding posts. Close inspection of the speakers will reveal that B&W's obsession for quality never lets up.


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