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Luxman in Sydney

In the mid 1970s and early 1980s Luxman came to prominence of the world hi-fi community due to the quality of sound of their equipment. Luxman were primarily specialists in making vacuum tube amplifiers of the highest caliber. In most cases Luxman designed equipment combined the quality and warmth of vacuum tube sound with powerful electronics and often beautiful aesthetic designs.

An engineer Atsushi Miura married Mari Yoshikawa, Mr. K Yoshikawa's eldest daughter and became a part of the founding 'Luxman' family. Atsushi Miura's father was an audio engineer and was head of Luxman for many years in Japan. In the early 1980s Atsushi took over the reins from his father to run Luxman. Sensing the Japanese audio industry was heading towards cheaper mass produced components and against the founding philosophy of Luxman, Atsushi sold Luxman to Alpine in 1984, before starting the Airtight audio brand.

Pre and Power amps such as the Luxman C-05 and M-05 with their champagne gold finish, highest-calibre electrical designs (pure copper interconnects, Class A amp design, separately powered channels with dual AC cables, copper-plated chassis), beautiful sound and rock solid build became the dreams of audiophiles everywhere.

P-200, you can enjoy the world of direct listening that can be created only by headphones. Provision of the terminal for stereo mini plug as well as standard type for output allows you to directly connect even outdoor headphones compatible with high sound quality. The throughout output provides the possibility to connect to other devices.

L-590AII is a top-end model of our integrated amplifier with pure class A amplification method, which is refined to the details by increasingly pursuing strong drive force and condensed sound.

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