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Sonus Faber - the ferrarri of loudspeakers

Designer Franco Serblin and managing director Césare Bevilacqua not only represent the top of their respective skills, they are also recognized as belonging to the nicest people of the audio community.

Sonus Faber started as a small, local, specialized manufacturer of loudspeakers. By now Sonus Faber is one of the leading

Italian audio companies with worldwide recognition.

You can return this statement with the remarks that that can not be too difficult knowing what kind of persons you meet in this industry and that most foreigners already "melt" for the Italian waiter reading the menu in his native language, fact is that the designs and products of Sonus Faber are worldwide highly appreciated and wanted.

Italian company, Sonus Faber, opted to cater to the demand for loudspeaker cabinets designed to improve acoustics. Sonus Faber has redefined loudspeaker cabinets from the standard box-ones. Each Sonus Faber cabinet is made by connecting staves and giving a damped panel, which results in a considerable damping resonance. The response of sound also depends on the kind of wood used and the way it is treated for making it into a cabinet.

Research on the loudspeaker is carried at each stage, right from initial design to the final outcome. Each of the cabinets and speakers are hand-made. In 1980, Sonus Faber undertook the ’Snail’ project. Cabinets under this range used different kinds of wood. Minima, another range of loudspeaker cabinets, have a unique attribute of extreme compact dimensions. Next in the series, Electa Amator was introduced in 1987 and produced over the past decade.

These Sonus Fabers are exceptionally likeable speakers with the kind of sound you can enjoy for years to comeSonus Faber remains the best-known Italian speaker brand in this country. Its products are always stylish and built to very high standards. They usually have an extra touch of class to the finish too, and a visual flourish that most of the high-end competition can't quite match. More than that, the company's products tend to strike a well-judged sonic balance, treading the fine line between analysis and listenability brilliantly.

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