REL subwoofers forum REL reviews: hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 REL subbase Hi, My question concerns the REL Stentor 111; is this unit still in production? Darrel Odgers 2014-02-18T20:18:51-08:00 REL subbase Sale REL T3 Do you have a REL T3 in the cherry colour in stock and available for sale? If not can you suggest where I might find one<br>Thanks<br>Phillip Phillip Campbell 2014-01-24T17:57:30-08:00 Sale REL T3 RE: Subwoofer <p class="plain">Hi there and thank you for your enquiry. We donít stock the paradigm subs but you may be interested in the Rel T5 which is a small down firing sub that retails for $899</p> <p class="plain">Rel have always been known for their musicality and this sub is no exception. Highly recommended. For any further enquiries donít hesitate to call. </p> <p class="plain"> </p> Lucas 2011-03-15T15:19:26-07:00 RE: Subwoofer Subwoofer <span class="plain">: I would like to audition Paradigm UtraCube12 Subwoofer (which I have excellent report on) or similar size other one.I am after a musical sub rather than home theatre one. Must have a small footprint - 40 x 40 (cm) max.  Price is limited to $1500.</span> <p class="plain"> </p> George 2011-03-15T15:18:20-07:00 Subwoofer RE: Which Subwoofer should I buy? <p class="plain">There are many variables on which subwoofer to buy.</p> <p class="plain">Room size,what speakers are you using,budget etc</p> <p class="plain">Call us for info</p> Audio Solutions 2010-10-14T00:35:47-07:00 RE: Which Subwoofer should I buy? Which Subwoofer should I buy? <p class="plain"></p> lucas_82 2010-05-12T17:57:56-07:00 Which Subwoofer should I buy?