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by Gregory Tangney
audio research amps


Hi, what is the pricing on the audio research ds450 power amp and also the vsi115 integrated. I currently own a dsi200 and am abit disatisfied with the bottom end through my dynaudio confidence 1, which I otherwise really like.

by Craig Chapman
Audio Research Reference 75 Black


I am interested in the Audio Research Reference 75 in Black. Can you please advise if you have or can get stock of this. Can you also please advice your best price for cash with no trade-in. Thanks.

by Chandima


I am interested in Marantz PM15s2(gold colour) and B&W CM8(prefer colour Rosewood) pair. Please let me know the best you could do for the above as well as shipping to Melbourne. I'd also need to know the availability. Thank you.. ...

by David Daniels



My name is David - I live in the UK but have not been able to obtain the Marntz reference series amp and preamp. Would I be able to order from you? - and if so, what about the difference in voltage. Here in the UK we operate off 240 volt main.
Regards ...

by Jake
four zone amp


Hi. I'm trying to find a decent, but not too expensive, four zone amplifier, with more than one input. Do you have anything that would suit, or could you point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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To really experience music and feel its message and emotion, you have to be able to hear every detail and mood-making nuance; the saxophone player drawing breath or the guitarist sliding his fingers across the strings! So we (Marantz) design our stereo Amplifiers with our heads and our ears. The combination of carefully selected components, superior build quality and circuit designs with the simplest,shortest, most symmetrical signal paths help bring you low noise and low distortion for total satisfaction.