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by George
Panasonic TH-P65VT60A


Do you have the Panasonic TH-P65VT60A in stock? If so what it its selling price?

by Bob Ebner
Panasonic 65VT 60A


please let me know when you receive the model 65VT 60A Panasonic Plasma ( apparently expected mid June 2013 Tx Bob

by Bill Johnson


Plasma, LCD or LED which do you reccomend

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The new series of LCD TV from Panasonic are with Neo-Plasma panel and DLNA. Panasonic Viera Z Series V Series are full HD TVs with Wireless HD to see at Audio solutions, in Sydney. Check new Viera Series.


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The VIERA Experience

For stunning High Definition films, brilliant images and true picture fast-action movies, sports and gaming – there is an ingenious technology for you.

With VIERA CAST* you can enjoy entertaining videos, photos and information via the Internet directly to your VIERA TV. The IPTV VIERA CAST application provides you access to YouTube™, Eurosport™, Google Picasa Web Albums™ and select country specific services at the touch of one button**. Simply connect the VIERA TV to a high-speed Internet router and VIERA CAST will do all the rest. * VIERA CAST provides access to exclusive content and does not enable you to browse the Internet. ** Not applicable to all VIERA Plasma TVs.