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    Arcam Radia Series

    British Audio institution Arcam has just released a new range of stereo components, the Radia Series. The range consists of 3 integrated amplifiers, a CD player and stand-alone streamer. Now available at Audio Solutions

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    Nagaoka Cartridges

    Japanese manufacturer Nagaoka specialize in the production of high quality moving magnet phono cartridges that are revered worldwide for their sonic attributes and incredible value for money. Now available to purchase from Audio Solutions.

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    Luxman L-509Z Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    Luxman's new flagship integrated amplifier has finally arrived. An unbeatable combination of stunning build quality and superb audio performance.

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Audio Solutions is Sydney’s leader in audio, video and home automation. For over 15 years, our expertise encompasses Hi-Fi, home theatre, multi-room audio, video and automation. Located in Mascot, we provide our customers with world-class entertainment solutions thanks to our extensive product range across leading brands and quality customer service.


High-End Entertainment Installations

Our tailored home theatre installations stand as testimony to our skills and attention to detail. We are passionate about delivering our customers custom home entertainment systems that exceed expectations. From home automation to multi-room audio and video distribution, we’re ready to bring your home to life.


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HEXMAT Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator

The Hexmat Yellow Bird turntable isolation mat is an ideal upgrade from the standard felt variant that is provided with most turntables. Measuring only 3mm in thickness, it’s as easy as removing your existing record mat, place the Hungarian-made Hexmat on your record player, spin an LP, sit back, and listen to the difference the Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator makes!

A special thank you to Nick and the team at Audio Solutions for helping me to put together a fantastic audio system that continues to provide me with many hours of enjoyment. Their level of technical expertise, patience and insight into my requirements was second to none. I would happily recommend them to anyone either looking to purchase their first system or upgrade an existing one. A very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Simon Thompson
Northbridge, NSW