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    IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub Subwoofer Isolator

    The Aperta Sub is the ideal way to decouple your subwoofer from the supporting surface to prevent the physical transfer of energy that excites the supporting surface, causes room rattle and disturbs your neighbors.

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    Chord Company Cables

    UK manufacturer Chord Company has a long history of producing high performance audio cables at prices that won't make your jaw drop. Known for their neutrality and compatibility with a wide range of electronics.

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    Sonus faber Lumina I Bookshelf Speakers

    Sonus faber has just released a new range of loudspeakers, the Lumina Series. The smallest offering is the Lumina I bookshelf model. In a nutshell, these are one of the best sub $2000 speakers we have ever heard. Beautiful styling to boot.

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Audio Solution


Funk Firm Achromat

Looking to get the very best out of your turntable ? Then you definitely need to look at the fabulous Achromat turntable mat by British firm, Funk Firm. This incredibly effective tweak dramatically addresses vinyl playback's greatest enemy, vibration. Come into the store and hear the difference.

A special thank you to Nick and the team at Audio Solutions for helping me to put together a fantastic audio system that continues to provide me with many hours of enjoyment. Their level of technical expertise, patience and insight into my requirements was second to none. I would happily recommend them to anyone either looking to purchase their first system or upgrade an existing one. A very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Simon Thompson
Northbridge, NSW