Hexmat Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator



A perfect upgrade to almost any turntable. HEXMAT Phono Record Isolator is the perfect isolation mat, lessening vibrations, improving tracking accuracy, enhances dynamics, impact and details.


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HEXMAT Phono Record Isolator
Developed over the course of 15 years, The Hexmat Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator is the result of more than 100 prototypes. Designed with patented technology, Hexmat is compatible with any turntable. In addition to improving tracking accuracy, Hexmat will audibly enhance dynamic range, audio detail, impact, clarity, and imaging you hear from your music vinyl LPs.

Measuring only 3mm in thickness, it’s as easy as removing your existing record mat, place the Hungarian-made Hexmat on your record player, spin an LP, sit back, and listen to the difference the Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator makes!

“The HEXMAT Yellow Bird is a “Set It And Forget” analogue upgrade for most vinylistas out there. Calling it a “mat” is very much an understatement.”

The Hexmat Phono Record Isolator reduces vibration, improves tracking accuracy, enhances dynamics, details and impact. Unlike other mats where the record is coupled together to the platter and turntable, the Hexmat isolates and decouples the record from the platter and the rest of the player.

With its 3mm thick construction – similar in height to a lot of mat variants on the market – surface contact are kept to a bare minimum with only 15 contact points. The contact points measures close to zero at no more than 1-2 sq mmin total and are made up of special spheres utilising vibration damping properties. Looking closely, records almost appear to be floating over the platter when played.

• 15 contact points on each side
• Perfect grip with other platter surfaces
• Enhanced dynamics
• Cleaner transients
• Sonic Improvement
• Full torque transfer
• Anti-static feature
• 3 mm thickness / 76 gram weight
• 7″ / 10″ / 12″ record compatible
• Compatible with most turntables
• Designed to be compatible with clamps and weights


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