Auralic SIRIUS G2.1 Upsampling Processor



As a specialized enhancement product, SIRIUS G2.1 stands as the fourth addition to the award-winning G2.1 Series of AURALiC products.


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As a system, the G2.1 stack, comprised of ARIES G2.1, VEGA G2.1, LEO GX.1 and SIRIUS G2.1 now represents one of the most advanced digital sources available for your high-performance system today. SIRIUS G2.1 improves and optimizes signals from all sources, whether they are high-resolution files or streams from an inferior source or format. With SIRIUS G2.1, compressed, lossy, and poor recordings all have the potential to be improved, thereby upgrading your overall experience. Because SIRIUS G2.1 utilizes an open standard protocol, it can also be connected to any brand of DAC, delivering a global variety of sample rates and formats among other functions and features. SIRIUS G2.1 will provide a universal balance to a world of varied formats, resolutions, DAC chip topologies, and algorithm types.

A Universal Approach to High-Performance Across All Formats
SIRIUS G2.1 stands to improve your listening experience by employing advanced processing techniques. Poorly made recordings and even early digital recordings can benefit from SIRIUS G2.1’s impressive processing firepower. This process optimizes less-than-pristine recordings by resampling the signal in a manner that potentially improves upon the experience of listening to an inferior recording.

Getting the Most From Your DAC
All DACs are built with a “sweet-spot,” a point where each DAC circuit excels at a resolution or format. DAC circuits built for DSD playback sound better when playing DSD and PCM DAC topologies perform better when fed PCM. By resampling to a format within the DAC’s “sweet spot,” the chip is allowed to play to its strengths, by lessening the processing requirement of the DAC.

A World First
SIRIUS G2.1 provides multiple inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect to a variety of digital sources and DACs. AURALiC’s spirit of innovation continues to put forth market-first features, as exemplified by SIRIUS G2.1’s unique ability to deliver an upsampled DSD signal to any compatible USB DAC, the first product in the world to do so.

Optimize by Equalizing
The most important factor affecting the quality of playback in your system is not the cables, components, or speakers, but instead the room in which you play your music. SIRIUS G2.1 can compensate for the room with its 8-band parametric equalizer feature, allowing you to optimize for your environment without spending tens of thousands on a complete room build or renovation.

Perfect the Imperfect
SIRIUS G2.1 offers a speaker placement function to compensate for real-world problems, allowing you to deal with barriers to perfect sound in the digital domain. While it’s necessary to place your speakers as best you can in the room first, our speaker placement function could mean the difference between poor and great sound in a less-than-pristine environment.

Resample Your Experience
All digital products contain some form of sampling engine. As a separate device, SIRIUS G2.1 sets itself apart by focusing all of its energy on digital signal processing strength, using advanced resampling techniques to convert between any and all sampling rates. You’ll be able to further customize the sound of your digital sources when you choose from four distinct digital filters thanks our very own Flexible Filter Mode Technology. All of the above is done with uncommonly low distortion levels, potentially down to a staggering -170dB, which will also help keep the SIRIUS G2.1 virtually invisible in the signal path.

The Power of Digital Processing
SIRIUS G2.1 is powered by the AURALiC Proteus G2 Co-Processing Platform; which harnesses a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip at its heart, bolstered by 512 MB of DDR3 memory. This FPGA chip contains more than 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices, all combining to provide unparalleled levels of data processing capability. SIRIUS G2.1’s computational power and efficiency are achieved in part because of the design decision to employ a dual-processing platform structure, which doubles capacity. While an AURALiC Tesla G1 handles hardware control, the Proteus G2 focuses its efforts on music data processing.

Unity Chassis II

The SIRIUS G2.1 chassis has been designed as a double enclosure, where an outer case made from high-grade aluminum is supplemented with an inner layer of copper. A high-mass base and enhanced four-foot multi-spring suspension system complete the quiet, noise-defeating performance of the SIRIUS G2.1’s Unity Chassis II.

Beautifully quiet

The SIRIUS G2.1 introduces sophisticated galvanic isolation and Unity Chassis II techniques that drastically reduce the potential for electromagnetic interference, for an extraordinarily pure, clean sound. Precise re-clocking reduces jitter, and brand-new galvanic isolation provides even more protection against EMI noise. The result is a whopping 80% reduction in noise levels.

More to Control
Smart-IR is just that – a smarter solution for controlling your SIRIUS G2.1. As with all AURALiC products, Smart-IR allows you to control certain functions of the SIRIUS G2.1 from any number of different remotes you already own. For example, you may program a remote to quickly switch between the four different digital filters by assigning a filter to individual buttons on that remote. This function is easily accessible in the SIRIUS G2.1 menu structure and provides you with yet another way to control not just SIRIUS G2.1, but your entire G2/2.1 stack.

An Integrated Family of Devices
Built around cutting-edge transfer protocols, more powerful processing, and enhanced isolation engineering, G2 and G2.1 are a new concept in component integration. Our flagship series of products provides ultra-fast connectivity, due entirely to Lightning Link. Everything from the audio signal, to digital clocking, and control signals are easily handled by Lightning Link. Every G2 and G2.1 product boasts a Lightning Link connection port, allowing them to be connected together as a stack.

Lightning Link

The HDMI-type, 18Gbps high-speed connection provides ultra-fast two-way communication and boasts the only real jitter-free link in the world of high-performance audio. As an added bonus, G2 and G2.1 products can be linked without worry, allowing them to work seamlessly, as one contiguous digital source for an astonishing musical experience.

Triple Femto Clocks
Triple Femto Clocks have got you covered no matter how you like to connect. With 3 separate, super-accurate clocks cycling on the order of quadrillionth of a second, you’ll enjoy extremely low jitter and better sound. The first clock takes care of digital outputs, the second regulates USB output and the last clock feeds the Proteus G2 processing platform. You can be sure your musical signal is always rock-steady.

Galvanic Isolation
SIRIUS G2.1 is equipped with two sets of high-speed galvanic isolators, between the processing platform and its audio circuits. Data can flow across the isolator, even while it physically separates and shields the audio circuits from interference. Precise re-clocking reduces jitter, and brand-new galvanic isolation provides even more protection against EMI noise. The result is a whopping 80% reduction in noise levels.

Flexible Filter Mode
Flexible Filter Mode gives you a nuanced level of control over your audio output. Its various modes were developed using a combination of objective data models and subjective testing, with each mode offering a unique array of filters to match the sonic quality of the source. Whether it’s modes to tweak in-band ripple, out-band attenuation, ultrasonic filtering and more, you’ve always got the power to dial in the performance you want.

Triple Purer-Power
The Purer-Power linear power supply reduces DC current noise by as much as 90dB with its power purification module. Using a specially designed transformer and unique wiring that minimizes vibration, noise from Purer-Power is kept below 1uV across the audible spectrum, leaving you to discover the details in your music, down to the last bit.


Audio Inputs
Lightning Link (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512)
USB Audio (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512)*
AES/EBU (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)
Coaxial (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)
TOSLINK (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)

Audio Outputs
Lightning Link (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512)
USB Audio (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512)**
AES/EBU (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)
Coaxial (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)
TOSLINK (Up to 192K/24bit, DSD64 via DoP)

THD+N: <-165dB (Resample to PCM 44.1K - 384K) THD+N: <-155dB (Resample to DSD128 - DSD512) THD+N: <-150dB (Resample to DSD64) Processing Features
Signal Reclock and Jitter Removal****
PCM and DSD Resampler
8-Band Parametric Equalizer
Speaker Placement Compensation
High Precision Digital Volume Control

Processing Platform
AURALiC Tesla G1 for general hardware control
AURALiC Proteus G2 for music signal processing

Power Supply
Triple-Channel Purer-Power internal linear power supply, 10uV low noise design for audio circuits

Internal Clock
Triple Femto Clocks for Digital Outputs, USB Output and Proteus G2

Noise Elimination
Dual Galvanic Isolation for digital and USB audio outputs
Unity Chassis II with copper EMI shielding enclosure

Gigabit Ethernet (For firmware upgrade use)

Power Consumption
50W at max.

Dimensions – W x D x H
13.4 x 12.6 x 3.7 in. (34cm x 32cm x 9.6cm)

21.0 lbs (9.5kg)

Product Finishing
Anodized aluminum case in matte black with copper EMI shielding enclosure.

AURALiC SIRIUS G2.1 Upsampling Processor
Power cord
USB Cable
Lightning-Link Cable
User’s guide

* SIRIUS G2.1 USB Audio input does not require a driver for Mac OS X and Linux systems. AURALiC USB Audio Driver is highly recommended for use with Windows systems. DSD512 is not supported by Mac OS X.
** USB DAC needs to be compatible with the Linux system. DSD512 can only be output via native DSD format because the maximum DoP output rate is limited to DSD256. Please check with your DAC’s compatibility.
*** All tests are processed under “Precise” filter mode.
**** All signals coming from any input will first be converted into a high frequency multi-bit data stream for jitter removal and for any user-enabled processing. The processed data will then be resampled to the customer’s selected output frequency and then be sent out of SIRIUS G2.1. This processing structure means SIRIUS G2.1 does not have a passthrough mode and will not passthrough MQA content.


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