Chord Company C-Sub Analogue Subwoofer Cable


C-SeriesChord Company

The Chord Company C-sub is designed to work with all home theatre amplifiers and active subwoofers.


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The Chord C-sub is an original Chord Company design. Like all Chord Company interconnects, the C-sub has been designed to protect the precious audio signal from the high levels of high frequency interference filling most modern houses. The C-Sub will produce a cleaner, more dynamic sound than other, more conventional subwoofer cables, while maintaining a flexible and discrete appearance.

Multi-strand, tinned copper signal conductor, with low resistance to enable longer lengths. Multi-strand lapped screen for increased flexibility, which reduces signal loss caused by high frequency interference.

Unique gold plating process on the RCA plug improves signal transfer across audio frequencies. The over moulded plug surround provides a high reliability connection.

Available in 3m, 6m, 8m and 10m lengths.

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Cable Length

10 Metre, 3 Metre, 6 Metre


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