Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird Turntable


Dr. Feickert Analogue

Turntable does not come with tonearm or cartridge. Inertia platter with brass inlays is optional ($1020). Timber trim is optional ($599)
Please contact the store to discuss different options.




The result

… is an even greater sovereignty in the sound image – excellent measurements and a timeless appearance, paired with easy handling. Because we have created a world first in the Blackbird with an integrated template that allows you to easily adjust your tonearm and stylus. You will be amazed at how easy adjustment can be.

The sound

… confident, dynamic, powerful, and yet neutral. No matter which tonearm you use, you can immerse yourself in the fascination of music in a relaxed manner, because you have the certainty that no detail, no matter how small, of your black treasures will be withheld from you. Forget all technology, enjoy music in all its beauty!


Belt-driven turntable with two motors for two tonearms
Quick change system for tonearms
Integrated adjustment template
Dimensions: 530 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm
Armboard right: 205 – 320 mm axis distance (9 – 13 inch effective length)
Armboard left (optional): 205 – 240 mm axis distance ( 9 – 10 inch effective length)
Weight: 17.5 kg (chassis), 22 kg (without tonearm)
Warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (platter bearing)


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