Hexmat Eclipse Phono Record Isolator




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HEXMAT is made with patented handmade technology and is compatible with any kind of turntable to bring out the maximum sound range, even from old recordings.

Its overall effect on the sound has been described by critics as equivalent to a pickup upgrade!

Eclipse Isolator

Maximise Your Turntable Performance

• Even Smaller Contact Surface*
• 3mm Diameter Specially Mounted Spheres**
• 2mm Extruded Polymer Blend Body Exclusive to Us***
• Better Live Soundstage*
• Perfect Transients and Timing*
• Excellent Dynamics*
• Impressive Stereo Image and Channel Separation*
• Opened, Spacious Transparent Sound*
• Music Without Restraint*
• Anti-Static Feature
• Full Torque Transfer
• 3mm Overall Thickness
• 7”/ 10”/ 12” Record Compatibility
• Compatible with most turntables
• Designed to be compatible with clamps and weights


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