Kimber Kable 4TC Speaker Cable (Per Metre)


Kimber KableSpeaker Cable

Clean, clear sound from one of our most accurate speaker cables. 4TC is a great choice for small monitors in a dedicated two channel system. Known for it’s neutral sound these cables will shine a light on all your systems capabilities.


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Consisting of eight individual TCSS conductors, four white and four clear that utilise Kimber’s proven braiding technique. The insulating dielectric is high pressure-low temperature-extruded Teflon®. The individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper, arranged in proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The aggregate wire size is two 2.63mm2 conductors. The focus, transparency, and transient speed of 4TC are stunning. 4TC continues to receive enthusiastic reviews and recommendations from consumers and critics worldwide.


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