Kuzma Stabi S Turntable with Stogi S CE Tonearm Fitted



Stabi S is a compact turntable with a design approach normally found only in more expensive models. Its unique shape and construction of solid brass rods, provide an extremely rigid connection to platter, bearing and tonearm support. There is no flat plate to resonate and transmit vibrations, only solid brass rods 50mm in diameter. A second brass rod provides stability and the two are clamped together in a T shape. The motor is housed independently in its own bras tower which dampens vibration of the motor itself. A ground, flat belt provides drive from the motor pulley to the subplatter.

Cartridge and record clamp not included.Other turntable/tonearm combinations available.Please contact store for details.


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The bearing is of highly polished, fine grain carbon steel with a one point contact, while the bearing sleeve is of a resin/textile material which has excellent damping, non-resonant properties.

With a mat on top and rubber damping insert underneath, the sold aluminium platter provides a stable non-resonant platform for records.


Stabi S Turntable

Mass:13 Kg
Platter mass: 4 Kg
Platter material: Aluminium
Bearing type: Pointed shaft with resin/textile material
Shaft diameter: 10 mm
Drive: Flat rubber belt
Chassis/Levelling: Brass/ No
Turntable levelling: No
Motors: 1 pc AC
External power supply: optional
Speeds: 33,45 rpm
Armboard: optional ( Kuzma arms fit directly)
VTA adjustment: Yes
No. of tonearms: 1
Max tonearm’s length: 10” ( optional 12”)
Suspended: No
Dimensions: 400x300x170 mm
Finishes: brass or black
Clamp: Optional
Mat: Yes
Lid: Yes
Accessories: Oil, Allen keys
Options: SD- second arm kit,12” kit, extra platter kit(2.6 kg),
Options: Various armboards, outboard power supply,
Options: Brass clamp, supporting platforms

Stogi S CE Tonearm

Effective length: 229 mm
Arm mount distance: 212 mm
Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 212 mm
Bearing type: Unipivot
Effective mass: 11 gr
Total mass: 690 g
Offset angle: 23*
VTA adjustment: Yes
Azimuth adjustment: Yes(fine)
Tube: Straight
Bias: Yes
Max. Standard cartridge weight: 15 g
Optional light and heavy counterweight: Yes
Damping: Yes
Detachable headshell: No
Arm mount: Kuzma& Stogi
Standard wiring: Copper, RCA Bullets ( 58pF)
Accessories: protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws
Options: XLR, 5pin


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