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The Neutron does exactly what a great pre-amp should do, be transparent, offer modern day flexibility via both analogue and digital inputs, the classic circuit design is carefully placed on board allowing for reference standard levels of cross-talk to be achieved, this attention to details also pays dividends in the quietness of the design (a pre-amp can only be a detailed as it is quiet).The ability to uncover often hidden details allows for an enthralling listening experience, total engagement with the artist in question. The extremely high quality MM/MC phono stage deserves special mention.


* Solid aluminium machined front panel
* Custom machine aluminium control dials
* 4 x RCA inputs
* 1 x XLR balanced inputs.
* 3 x Optical, 3 x Coax
* Asynchronous USB 24bit/192kHz PCM
* Fixed level record outputs
* 2 x Dedicated sub-woofer outputs.
* 2 x Dedicated sub-woofer outputs
* High-end Burr Brown analogue volume control
* Dedicated on board headphone amplifier
* Ultra high performance switchable MM/MC phono stage
* Balanced and RCA pre amp outputs
* Re-nameable inputs
* 12v power trigger line
* Designed and manufactured in the UK
* Available in brushed black or silver finishes.

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Black, Silver


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