Phasemation PP-2000 Moving Coil Cartridge



Phasemation’s flagship MC cartridge which can educe music reality and even the artist’s passion engraved in the record.


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New design of a magnetic circuit
We decided to re-examine the magnetic circuits of PP-1000. Having permendur to remain as the magnetic material, the shape of the yoke is newly designed.
Due to this, an excellent shape to have furthermore high efficiency and uniformity of the magnetic field is achieved.
Increased output has been achieved without increasing the weight of the vibration system.

New design of vibration system
The vibration system has been newly designed in order to pursue the best balance of the sound quality. Reproducibility of a very small sound is furthermore improved because the damping material has been changed to the selected damping material and the damping characteristics have been newly designed; thereby, it can reproduce even the atmospheric feeling.

Inheriting the high quality materials for audio sound
High quality materials for audio sounds verified in PP-1000 and in other models listed in the followings are inherited: cantilever made of pure boron material which are well-acknowledged until now, magneto coil made of 6N oxygen-free copper wire, pure iron coil bobbin, wire damper, etc.

The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)*1) which is well-acknowledged continues to be adopted for the body. The sound quality without fuzzy sounds has been achieved because the rigidity and vibration-damping characteristic are excellent.

*1DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) DLC(Diamond Like Carbon)is a generic name of carbon film to be produced with vapor phase synthesis utilizing ion processing; and the high rigidity and high electric insulation similar to a diamond are provided for it.


Power Generation Method: Moving Coil Type
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Applicable Stylus Force: 1.7 to 2.0g
Output Voltage: 0.3mV(horizontal direction of 1kHz 50mm/s)
Compliance: 8.0X10(e-6)cm/dyne
Playing Frequency Range: 10Hz to 30kHz
Separation: 30dB or more (1kHz)
Channel Balance: Within 1dB (1kHz)
Range of Recommended Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃
Tare: 14.3g
Stylus Tip: Diamond(line contact / curvature 0.03×0.003mm)
Cantilever: Pure Boron φ0.26
Magnet: Samarium Cobalt Magnet 
Magnetic Circuit Composition Material: Permendur
Base: Stainless(Diamond Like Carbon processing)
Body: Duralumin(Diamond Like Carbon processing)


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