PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 Power Regenerator (4 Australian Outlets)


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PS Audio’s most affordable power regenerator yet.


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The Stellar Power Plant 3 stands on the shoulders of giants. Built as an evolution from our renowned P12, P15, and P20 the P3 is our most affordable regenerator – perfect for powering sources and small to medium systems. Power Plants generate sine-wave-perfect, regulated, high current AC power from your home’s AC. In the process of regeneration, problems on your power line such as low voltage, distorted waveforms, sagging power, and noise are eliminated and the power quality enhanced. The results are both audibly and visually stunning when powering either audio or video products. Further, the level of protection afforded connected equipment is extraordinary. You can feel 100% confident that a P3 will provide pure and safe power under any condition.

The Stellar™ Power Plant™ 3 is our most compact high-end personal power generating station: an all new class of affordable Power Plant AC regenerator that takes ordinary wall voltage and rebuilds it into perfect AC.

The Stellar 3 features an ultra-low impedance analog AC power amplifier, pure DSD FPGA based analog sine wave generator, and low distortion high-dynamic-peak-capable outputs found only in PS Audio Power Plants. The Stellar 3 is capable of fully powering most small to medium sized systems bringing forth all that’s possible from your HiFi system, ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen.

The P3 delivers 300 watts of pure continuous regenerated power, 500 watts of short term power (up to 30 seconds), and dynamic peak power (3 second or less) of a whopping 900 watts for explosive dynamics. From small to medium power amplifiers to all your source equipment, the Stellar Power Plant 3 will work magic on your system’s performance with pure, regenerated power. The Stellar 3 also includes a separate zone with up to 1000 watts of filtered and protected power for larger power amplifiers.

With your system powered directly from the output of the Stellar 3, dynamics and openness are breathtaking. New voices, new harmonics and a renewed sense of musicality are yours the moment the Stellar 3 starts up. This is one of the most important pieces of audio equipment you can own, building a firm and reliable foundation for your system that will serve you for years to come.


Environment Specification
Location: Indoor use only
Duty Cycle: Suitable for continuous operation
Moisture Sensitivity: Not sealed against moisture
Operating Humidity: <80%rh <
Storage Temperature: -40C to +40C
Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
Electrical Supply Nominal Rating: 230V 10A 50/60Hz

Instrument Specification

Unit Dimensions: 17” W x 12” D x 3.25” H (43cm x 30.48cm x 8.255 cm)
Unit Weight: 31.4 lbs ( 14.24 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 17” W x 12” D x 3.25” H (43cm x 30.48cm x 8.255 cm)

Shipping Weight: 39.4 lbs (17.87 kg)
Nominal Input Voltage: 200 –270 VAC
Maximum Continuous Load: 300VA
Maximum Peak Load (30 seconds): 1000VA
Voltage Regulation: <0.2%
Typical Output THD: <0.3%
Output Impedance: <0.008 ohm Efficiency @ 300VA: >85%
Input Frequency: 45 – 65 Hz
Energy Dissipation: 850J
Peak Current Surge: 60,000A
Max Surge Voltage: 6,000V
Clamp Level: 800V
DC Trigger: None

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