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Portable Outdoor Full-Range Loudspeaker System - Soundcast OutCast Review

Monday, April 2, 2012 2:37:20 PM by Lucas Nathaniel

The latest product that has us all excited this week would have to be the Soundcast OutCast. This wireless speaker system is an absolute monster that packs a punch and we’ve all decided we want one!

This multi-directional speaker will give you 360° sound and includes a rechargeable NiMH battery for a truly wireless experience.  It also comes with an iPod dock that wirelessly transmits to the unit, simply dock your phone or iPod and you’re away! Not only that, you can plug in anything you like, your PC or Cd Player into the iPod dock and it will wirelessly transmit that too! It also has controls on the unit which enable you to wirelessly control your phone and volume. 

With a broadcast range of up to 300ft it’s hard to not love this thing. Charge it up and throw it next to your pool party, on your boat, down the back garden or just rock out in your lounge room with the fantastic Soundcast OutCast! 

Review from Lucas Nathaniel, Audio Solutions

dance by outdoor portable speaker

OutCast 1.2 portable outdoor loudspeaker 

review outdoor speaker 

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by Ole Fjelberg
Where to buy this?

Where ca I buy this in Sydney?

by David Warren
Outcast not working

Hi, I have an Outcast which for some reason does not work - when I start to charge it via the DC cable, the battery light flashes, goes red and stays red for about 10 minutes and then goes out. I cannot turn the speaker on using the on/off button.
Am ...
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