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Sonus Faber Liuto Review

Friday, May 11, 2012 0:14:24 AM

Recently I had some time to kill and needed to relax so I went upstairs into one of our sound lounges to have a bit of a play with some speakers and to try and unwind myself after a pretty stressful week.

Here at Audio Solutions we recently acquired Sonus Faber as a brand so I thought I would give a pair of their Luito’s a try. I must admit, I had yet to sit down and give the Luito’s a good listen but knowing the sound of other Sonus Fabers  I excepted them to do their job of relieving me of my pent up stress.

I connected them up with a Luxman L550AII integrated amp, the same amp that Lucas reviewed a few weeks back, and the Luxman D-05 CD player. I also used some Kimber Select interconnects and speaker cable.

So the outcome!

Wow,wow,wow. To put it simply, for a speaker that retails for $6999, the sound stage was unbelievable and you’d be forgiven for thinking someone had secretly placed some speakers behind you! These speakers are almost a contradiction in terms. To have so much detail without sounding forward and bright seems impossible.

If I could use one word to describe the sound, VELVET would be the word.

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by Al Ferguson
Info About the Luito Wood Floor-Standers

Where is the information about the Luitos as these are the speakers that I want to buy and I know they have been discontinued but I don't see any information about them on the SF site. Where can I get a product brochure? It is a shame that SF has ...

by Michael
Speaker Quote

Hi there,

I am interested in the Sonus faber Liuto loudspeakers. The decision has been made. Now I am in the process of trying to secure the best price possible. Are you able to give me the best all in price for these speakers and shippment to Melbourne? ...
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