Auris Audio EON Turntable Power Supply


Auris Audio

Auris EON is a dual-frequency power supply that uses an integrated DAC of the ARM processor and DDS method to generate the perfect 33/45 RPM sine wave signal.


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The main job of your turntable is to keep your record spinning at an even speed, and for that reason the power supply is a very important part which contributes significantly to the sound quality. In order to improve performance and allow you to improve sound quality, we designed EON so that you can increase your system even further.

The Auris Eon will allow the user to control the fine tuning of the speed. It will complement any compatible turntable by reducing engine noise, improving stability and speed accuracy, providing huge benefits to the sound quality of your hi-fi system. A stable, powerful and separate power supply is designed to substantially improve your sound and to provide clean power that is independent of the variability and inherent noise of the mains supply.


Output to motor bi-phase: 24 V AC protected by resettable fuse
Power consumption: 6.5W with a load.
Nominal Speeds: 33.33 and 45 RPM
50 and 60 Hz selector for different spindles of the pulley
Speed control step size: 0.01 RPM
Power supply: AC adapter 24V 350mA that comes with an EON
Distortion (24VAC output): < 0.05% Pitch Control: ±1.2Hz (±0.8 RPM)
Fixed frequency tolerance: 50Hz: 33 RPM ± 0.002 Hz
60Hz: 33 RPM ± 0.02 Hz
50/60Hz: 45RPM ± 0.02 Hz


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